Ral Electric

Ral's expertise and experience enable it to perform the most complex projects including:

High tension systems

Low tension systems

Command & Control systems; circuit board production

Integrated systems (control, measurement, firefighting, etc.)


At the beginning of each project, consultations are held with RAL's management, procurement, planning and operations staff. A plan is drawn up meeting IS0 9002 standards, with full cooperation between the system planners and customer. The designated project manager oversees contact with leading suppliers in the field, coordination with project planners, the Israel Electric Company, setting and monitoring project on the site.


With specialized skills and commitment to high quality, RAL has built itself into leading company in performance of major electric project countrywide. 



Ral Electric Company located:


Kidmat Galil Industrial Park
P.O.B 68 , D.N. Lower Galilee

1522800, Israel

Tel:  +972-4-6791536
Fax: +972-4-6723147

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